Three and a half ways to unpack malware using Ollydbg

12 thoughts on “Three and a half ways to unpack malware using Ollydbg”

  • You should do a livestream of this. Really like your videos and I think it could work in a stream like taking viewer malware submissions

  • Very useful info and VERY well presented (much like your previous videos). Keep up the good work. Respect.

  • subbed this week, and yet another interesting video =)
    too bad it was upx which doesn't do anything to make unpacking hard

  • Colin, can you tell something about your background and what kind of work you do for a living. And how did you get involved into this reverse engineering topics. Just a chip of the old block dude(assembler coding C64& Amiga) Needless to say u luv ur vid's greetings from Holland.

  • Hey, you're doing a great job^^
    There is a mobile phone out there, where the company, that sells the phone put a virus into the stock rom, that installs random apps. At least that is what is known until now, maybe there is more. The phone is called "UMI Diamond" or "UMIDIGI Diamond". Could you analyse that stock Rom? 😀

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