The Reason LiAngelo Ball WILL be SUCCESSFUL in The NBA!

11 thoughts on “The Reason LiAngelo Ball WILL be SUCCESSFUL in The NBA!”

  • A bit of a ramble video but I wanted to give my thoughts on LiAngelo Ball. Make sure you watch the video before you call me crazy!

  • Gelo is actually the much better shooter, especially pure shooter. He more fundamentally sound. He plays basketball the right way more than the other 2. And he’s better at one on one defense. The only flaws are, he’s not as flashy as the other 2. He’s not a make-others-better like Lonzo. And he’s not defensively pesty like Lonzo. But he can light up the shooting. He could turn into that “Big Shot” guy. People will just think he’s better Lonzo cuz he’ll have a high scoring rating. But low of everything else like assist, blocks, revounds, go-figure even steals (no pun intended).

  • Lol he’s not even gonna make it to the nba. All the scouts said that he isn’t even on they’re extended scouting list

  • LiAngelo will be a good player because is going to a small ball game and you want someone who can shoot, which LiAngelo can do. So I feel he will be a decent player when you need player to go and get you a few buckets or a few three's

  • Yes your absolutely right about LiAngelo wanting more attention with stealing stuff that was i thinking too when it happened. Saw that happen many times with families with lots of siblings. Nice Analysis Krispy !!

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