The 3 Myths of the Indian Education System | Vinay Menon | TEDxThiruvananthapuram

14 thoughts on “The 3 Myths of the Indian Education System | Vinay Menon | TEDxThiruvananthapuram”

  • similar things are going on in the Nepali education system. But the good thing today is that you have online resources like Khan Academy and the youtube too which can revolutionize the education sector. All you need is a computer and an internet connection. You can learn anything!

  • Wow!! I got so much engrossed in his speech i just didn't want him to end it. It was so enlightening and thoughtful. Hats off!

  • should people come out what is kerala education because literacy rate is flooded women population is more that y women film members are flooded in india from technian to anything any state percentage of inter caste marriage to anyting

    rest of the state less number of female production is that so we still dont understand

    what is kerala education how for their education carried how for kerala strength of disposable batches how for jobs carried with in kerala state frist

    what is the strength of other state members study in kerala any classify education in kerala how for need to document most of time the raise the collar saying literacy rate when comes to job each one as if running a auto that what growth

    what else within kerala state that what said stories what is kerala state full of myth as communist acheivement as growth what that growth carried

    how for each dept related things media shows are flooded how many media channel and how many theatres across kerala what is tthe strength and education systme population size

  • first talk about Indian education system and who teaches first is that those who passed out no experience who gets in self financing colleges for teaching

    who teaches education flooed courses flooded but quality understanding is zero quanity understanding send as materialize like broiler chicken inject and slaughter it out

  • Commendable effort but still, speeches that pose questions but don't provide answers.Wanna see someone trying to provide solutions even if the solutions are wrong.Then at least some one try to correct the guy and a true discussion commences.Playing safe is more traditional but hardly fascinating or helpful.

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