Sony And The PS4 Completely Embarrass The Xbox One X At The Worst Possible Time

13 thoughts on “Sony And The PS4 Completely Embarrass The Xbox One X At The Worst Possible Time”

  • I'm not fanboy but Sony and their Playstation will remain victorious, no matter how xbox becomes powerful in specs.

  • I've been following you since the announcement of the x1x (cause im interested in buying one) and you ALWAYS attack Sony/Pony's whenever MSoft gets a victory. So to all of a sudden make this kind of video is hypocritical. Had MSoft been in Sony's place this Black Friday you for sure would have made some video making fun of Sony.

    Otherwise I agree with all the other statements. It's great for the gaming industry and especially console gaming that all platforms are doing great.

  • I honestly think the fan war is stupid! which is probly why it can also be looked at as funny but know it's just stupid looks like a form of prejudice now at days where another actually thinks there better then some one else because of there gaming system be it console ps4 xbox PC, PC fanboys just make it impossible to want any thing to do with them, while at the same time it's there community there dumping on! really is completely illogical and stupid

  • Crapgamer and ColtEastwood,…Must be related ,must be!!..Imagine being marooned on an island with these 2.The pair of them would talk a glass eye to sleep.

  • I used to play Atari so me buying two 1x for a grand and the fact that every game I e bought I still own is a plus , the console works great have had no lag issues or dropped games like on the one and my ps4 so any improvements they can make we all need to support where it comes from doesn't matter .

  • Clickbait, no point do you talk about PS4 embarrassing the Xbox. But whatever, Xbox is a ok system not better than ps or switch. Switch was the best selling console on Black Friday and Cyber Monday and it wasn’t even on sale lol. When the X drop in price consider me a buyer. But I’m not feeling the whole power surge protector ordeal. Considering I have only one wall outlet in my room which is used to plug in a surge protector

  • This is what an xbox fanboy sounds like when all hope has been lost , Come on Crap it obviously dose bother you because your making videos about it, people message you because your a childish Moron, and its fun lol

  • with me I always preferred Sony's platforms over MS. I always been a fan of Sony's platforms, but I always had to have MS consoles too. there was no way I was missing out on halo & Gears. but Sony's exclusive were just to great for me to miss out on. its weird because there have never been one game (on either platforms) that was more or as addictive as halo…..the old halo, Bungie's halo that is lol. with that I still preferred Sony's exclusive over MS. that being said I will have both the Scorpio & Pro. the Scorpio being my multi-platform of choice, and the pro being my exclusive & FPS console of choice. the DS4 is just too awesome for me to play a shooter on another console. no matter how better it look on the other platform. I will also have the Switch. making that my exclusive & sports console of choice.

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