Reveal BIGG BOSS Tamil uncensored footage | Hot Tamil Cinema News | Aarav, Julie, Gayathri

20 thoughts on “Reveal BIGG BOSS Tamil uncensored footage | Hot Tamil Cinema News | Aarav, Julie, Gayathri”

  • sakthi unnaku first padam irruku la athuku aprm neenga Julie chance kuduanga appa direction nadika nee chinna ku…..

  • u just shut up why u don't do mistake in your daily life is that u so perfect until talk bout oviya lifeless u why u got stay in big boss house n see what happen

  • dei avan avan evlavo panran atha vitu aduthavan bedroom ula poe pathen sariya theriyala nega konjam door ah open panuganu solra mathila da iruku ithu ethukuda intha manaketta polapu

  • paanai sothuku, oru soru patham every ones character is a reflection of that 1 hour though every one has a good side accepted i cant see any good side of namitha in the show she didnt help anyone from trouble she makes troubles but behaves like baby infront of everyone
    positive qualities:
    vaiyapuri-makes others laugh
    gayathri-though she hate oviya for some reason she help her in pain ,sri.
    bharani-never waste your time trying to explain who you are to people who are commited to misunderstanding you love your enemies
    raiza-do your mistake and learn from it and understand what you need to do never repeat them .(oviya exit episode she apologies not to do it again)
    snehan-soft hearted,helping nature
    oviya-positive thinking,leave the past to the past start your day with fresh smile ,honesty which will bring all the good quality.
    harathi-straightforward if iam wrong prove me wrong i'll change my mind i'll stand by my belief.
    arav-love all,give the care.
    ganja karupu-fun filled heart .
    juli-evalo asingapatalum enthichi varathu
    ganesh-gem,gentle man.
    shakthi- 1000 peru namma friend ah veruthalum antha friend ah vitukoduka kudathu.
    namitha- love your pets as your baby and (treat humans as pet)negative
    bindhu-just laugh for all jokes that motivates jokers to crack more jokes
    suja-brave girl,hardworking.
    harish-true friendship never fails.
    kajal-dont judge a book by its cover,innocent heart truthful.

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