17 thoughts on “NBA 2k18 vs NBA LIVE 18 THE UNBIASED TRUTH”

  • This video is facts bro I honestly think live is better that’s why Have live instead of 2k I thought 2k was horrible I just wanted a game where I didn’t rage lol so I got live

  • Bruh this whole time I've been unsubscribed from you the last time i saw a vid from you was that nba 2k17 ideas video i must have accidentally unsubbed from you but good video

  • RP and VC are TWO COMPLETELY DIFFERENT THINGS. You don't need RP to upgrade your player so its not bad at all

  • You can’t say NOTHING to 2K fan boys. 2K is trash AF & you said it best… it’s pay to play. And don’t say nothing about the bad shooting… 2K fan boys will say you’re just trash. I’m On Live18 & having way more fun. Haven’t put a dime into 18 & already lvl83

  • Great and truthful review. I just subscribed. I own both games and can say i agree with 100% of what you're saying. 2k is not good to me this year. I have more fun on live. Honestly though even if live doesnt get as much views i think you should still make videos on it. Imagine when live goes to frostbite and gains alot of fanbase back from 2k. You'll already have yourself established as a live gamer instead of looking like you're joining the wave.

  • Honestly I'm pretty happy with live this year aside from just not being able to edit players. I mostly play franchise and it kills me every time I bring in a player and they're number 56 or some dumb shit and I can't do anything to change it. Also They need to realize that not everyone is going to agree with how they rate players… like why tf does D Wade have 87 speed and Kelly Oubre have 77? Why is Bobby Portis a 73 ovr and Lauri is a 76? That's my only gripe with live.

  • I digg this video bro great editing, I myself being a 2k player am truly disgusted with the business practice and the community these weak ass dudes are no better than house niggas, coons, slaves to they own game I can’t respect that I appreciate honesty and objective opinions and if no one can give me that then your no better than the dirty ass company!!!

  • Live is mostly "activated" animations. Like you do shit, its set. You can't get out of it which is bullshit but I still love playing it

  • EA's dev team was small asf this time around but simple stuff like force trade should have been in it this year

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