is this the end of obey mario?

15 thoughts on “is this the end of obey mario?”

  • I think the reason why your channel isn't not where it used to be is simply because your recent videos are very unoriginal, the mods, are just not as interesting, we/viewers have seen our favorite YouTube trickshotters get tickshotted by fans, it happens a lot considering if your subscribed to at least 25 YouTube call of duty trickshotters. If mods and getting trickshotted are the main theme pointed out in the video through the title of the video, a portion of people will not watch the video. I speaking on behalf of being a content creator and a viewer. This is not insight of mine to bully you down, I'm only saying this so that way you can stop mods. Sometimes they do good, sometimes not, it gets repetitive. As you said with keeping your channel a gaming channel, add some variety, whether it be you dressing up, adding some comedy, random actions, fights, what ever just, POPS, do it. I'm here for you Mario! Don't give Up! Ps. Just Do what Jake Paul did, instead make a diss track on L7 lmao. Cheers! Even though I'm American.

  • Mario! Its Not the chanel its the cod community dickhead play other games that you enjoy you clearly see you dont enjopy bo2 dont do it for fans do what you want!

  • Expand to more games… like you did with friday the 13th. You got so many more views from switching it up, I say you should do csgo content too.

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