Ginuwine Is 100% Right – Celebrity Big Brother Transgender Issue & Manipulation

13 thoughts on “Ginuwine Is 100% Right – Celebrity Big Brother Transgender Issue & Manipulation”

  • WOW!!! This is on Big Brother……????
    Oh My Dayz!
    I can't stand the show. From London and it's getting bad with this love don't h8. Love to people means "love everything I do."
    That's not love. Love without edification is not love. If I let my 19 month old drink the contents of comfort bottle (fabric conditioner) because she likes the smell and the bottle is pretty, that's not love.
    We live in an age where common decency has left the building, where women can force themselves on men and men have to take it even if they don't want it. Even the children are becoming perverse. Teenage girls saying disgusting things to decent men. As a woman and a mother I'm disgusted. Society is against my young black brothers and I'm sorry that we have come to a point where for the moment there seems to be nothing we can do about it, accept cleave to one another and remember that divided we fall, but united we are a powerful force to be reckoned with.
    Ginuwine was well within his rights. What has this world come to. I read an article a while back that transgendered people want to send straight men into counselling if they claim they are not attracted to them…….Wtach your back Ginuwine, when you leave, they might have you shipped to the funny farm. You might come back strange and twisted.

  • I just really wanna know why is this nigga even cuddled up next to a transgender. Looking at the video; it looks like it wasn’t a requirement to have a blanket on you. They were the only two with blankets. Tha fuck… Ginuwine

  • Now they're putting up pics of trans men who were murdered, like what dose that have to do with Ginuwine not wanting a man that now wants to identify as a female? ]

  • This man pretending to be a woman that sexual assaulted Ginuwine, should be sued immediately for sexual harassment……..100 SALUTE


  • They basically dismissing what The Almighty ordained and trying to play The Father. These black spirited ppl are rebelling against His word. That in itself is demonic.

  • I 100 percent agree! Did you see when Giniuwine moved away from her I think he felt her feeling on him under the blanket. This man was bullied and sexually harrased .

  • Masculinity is under attack as well as freedom of speech and choice!! This transgender person made there choice, but wants to take ginuwines choice away!! Feminism is out of control!!

  • This is some sick shit smh wow! Its like these people try to force they way of life on u and if u say no or you dont agree with there lifestyle, your the one with the problem. The most high will return to clean this place up.#shalom

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