Fixed Wing Mode – DJI Mavic Pro

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  • I can relate to how it handles just by watching your video and knowing how R/C planes fly with my many years of experience . Im sure I'll be trying that mode out and enjoying how it handles when I buy mine. I bet you can even crab crawl it if youd like, mixing both cyclics {sticks} can really add a true Plane like feel. Pulling back on the Right stick will just level you out by the looks of it with out worring about stalling . but still Im sure many of us will enjoy this mode even when recording to give viewers a cool effect when flying under and through things. very cool.

  • Hello Ed, I'm not into drone flying (yet!) but I did notice something and I'm not sure it has been commented: on your first test you were flying at about > 20mph while on your last segment using again the C1 the notice panel was at 19mph. Since you can activate this mode only when flying forward I suspect the fixed wing mode will lock your speed to the the current one. To check this out you may fly normally at maximum forward speed and then switch on the C1: I believe it will maintain that speed. Maybe it's worth a try… 😉

  • Thanks for the comprehensive review. From a DP perspective though, I think you're overlooking some of the options for getting good shots in this mode. The descending zoom you get from pitching the craft forward is a really cool look and pretty dramatic if you had a stationary subject. Also, as someone else mentioned, there could be projects where you do want that slight left-right pitch to give more of a sense of flying. I think of the Star wars chase scenes from either ROTJ on those speeders. Obviously nothing extreme where you're holding the pitch too long or off center, but a slight back and forth as it goes around obstacles would be cool. Just my 2 cents.

  • Thanks for this video. I do not own a Mavic, but I have a Platinum on order. I also have the DJI Goggles which I've been using with my old P3P.
    When my Mavic comes in I am going to have a ball with this mode and my goggles!

  • thanks for showing the process of figuring this out, confusion and all… it adds a sense of reality to the video, not just, "fixed wing mode on, and instantly flying". glad you didn't edit that part out.

  • Thanks a lot Ed. It helped me a lot. You know, I am a beginner, and I was wondering what Fixed Wing mode is. Thanks.

  • apropos "pulling the stick back" in fixed wing mode – fixed wing A/C do not fly backwards in normal flight parameters!

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