Extend Natural Nails with IBD Soak Off Gel and silk

17 thoughts on “Extend Natural Nails with IBD Soak Off Gel and silk”

  • I understand the gist of this, but it is honestly a waste of time because it takes much longer to do this than it does just using the nail forms.

  • — I am still confused as to the soak-off term… Is it that you can remove it by putting your nails in acetone or remover? Because the container says PEEL.
    — What is the difference between the soak-off gel you are using and the soak-off nail polish or topcoat? Do they have a different texture, thickness or they are the same?

  • Thank you I've been looking for and easier way to do my own nails without acrylic I think will work much better for me I'll let you know

  • Can you flash cure it for few seconds and then pull it out and pinch the sides to give it a better c curve? Love your videos!

  • Amazing tutorial as always , i have 2 q hop you answer please , can use this technique with acrygel , and can i make the silk longer if i want
    Thank you for your informative tutorial

  • I'm confused about the difference between a bonder and a primer. I have the gelish pH bond, which doesn't cure like the bonder you used. Do I really need the primer too?

  • Do you have traces of fungus on your nails? Do Silk wraps, resin & the rest of those products cause fungus to grow?

  • en serio utoliza mucho gel para que lo este pasando varias veces pero estuvo interesantes osea que di gastamos es porque vale la pena que lindo video

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