Decisive Battles – Pharsalus (Roman Civil War)

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  • The daughter thing was probably just a slip of the tongue, but I don't understand why the producers/directors/editors never caught it before finalizing and making it public. In any case, I would love for a historian to explain to me to why they keep harping on non-disbanded armies not being allowed in Rome thing. Sulla never disbanded his army and pretty much took over Rome while assassinating all his enemies. I'm not getting why Rome never took precautions after that. Obviously, simply having it as a law wasn't enough. In all Caesar's previous appointments he'd broken numerous laws. Why would they think he'd follow this law when it meant he'd end up demoted, disgraced and even dead? Did they really think he'd suddenly develop a sense of honor?

  • This guy keeps saying "Roman Empire." It's Roman REPUBLIC. It wasn't the Empire until after Caesar's death when Augustus annihilated Antony and Cleopatra.

  • Caesar and the Legion or Pompey and the Senate. Caesar gave his veterans lands confiscated from Roman citizens.

  • The portrayal of the battle, specifically the turning of Pompey's left flank, and the events leading up to that, is incorrect. Caesar anticipated Labienus' cavalry charge and set a trap for them. Initially, Caesar's cavalry did not really engage the Pompeians. Instead they sucked them into a position, where the 3000 man heavy infantry unit could flank them. Then the cavalry wheeled and finally engaged the Pompeians, essentially pincering them between them and the heavy infantry.

  • This series of documentaries are utter garbage. Thank goodness you can find more accurate stuff like Historia Civilis now.

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