Borderlands 2 – Statuesque Solo Actual Mission + 50% Bonus [#167]

17 thoughts on “Borderlands 2 – Statuesque Solo Actual Mission + 50% Bonus [#167]”

  • I get two constructors at that second location regardless of whether I precleared or not. Maybe it had already respawned from the first clear?

  • Not sure if I want to do this mission. Don't really need the XPs and I already have a great skin for Zero. Those two crashes there are kinda making me nervous. My windows will be in great danger, if the game would crash let's say while cutting the last statue 😀

  • fuckin hell I'm normally screwed by the second statue you make this look like a breeze
    unfortunately for the mechromancer class there's this bug that makes your deathtrap continue attacking the statue after the constructor has already destroyed it and left… So he doesn't serve much use for you in this mission but I'm going to heavily study these past three tutorials until I get this down
    thank you majorslackvids@!3

  • You have to tip her a total of at least $10-15,000 (I forget which). Then very soon after you go over the minimum tip requirement, keep tipping her little by little and she'll eventually give you the SMG.

  • Slack when I did this part using your clear it out strategy, I noticed the enemies would only spawn after the constructor destroyed the statue not before or during.

  • This mission at first glance appears to be a pain, but with a good rocket launcher and a good corrosion weapon its cake. A Flame Shotgun cant hurt things either 🙂

  • youre lucky gearbox made a change to this mission. at one point, you would have to fight a Saturn class loader

  • Actually, I don't think I noticed that it had such a high chance to slag (69%) so yeah that's not a bad pick for a slag weapon.

  • hi Slack, just a question, around 11:33 you say slag weapons are about how high of a chance they have to slag the enemy,and then you say that the firerate on the sniper wasn't high enough, but wouldn't the nearly 70% (69,9% to be exact) chance to slag make up for the slow firerate?

    i ask that just for the purpose of getting good information, if i dont have a really good slag weapon at this point, would that sniper be a good pick by your standards?

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