Boil popped in ER

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  • well I worked in everything from a combat vet and fuel Tech in the army in Grenada in the 80s all the way up to working in the field with fire rescue worked in emergency rooms and I have never heard anybody call it a cork I've heard it called a core but even that is not really description of that most medical people that I know and I've ever worked with in the last 30 years or so and it's always been just you know if you're looking for the sack so it's basically broken off remnants of the sack that's in there and you're going to have to go and get that out so I'll know about the cork butt maybe he got his law degree or his doctor's license in the Caribbean schools that you go to and pretty much you just chill for a certain. Of time and go to a few classes and stuff you want and whatever but then you get your license too good luck we'll go there and then everybody goes over what you're talking about

  • The doc was good. Although when he was puttin them snips or what ever there called, to break up pockets, he coulda numbed him little more Shit looked painful

  • That camera guy was crap , he didn't zone in and he couldn't keep the bloody camera steady

  • Great bed manners. Proper technique regarding local anesthesia with appropriate placement of the needle . Sufficient amount of lidocaine administered . Because he cares about the patient. 90% of ER attending MDs would bother with 2 sticks thus subjecting the patient to an unnecessary pain. He is a medical student, one day he will be a great doctor. DR DUDEK .

  • Why all the deadening, just had a boil drained last week, no shots just cut drain then root around in the hole to make sure he got it all….. and a round of Bactrim

  • ah wow its the needle part i can't stand, had to pause it twice and take a break, shame the gloves block the initial pop. Grossly good all the same.

  • सिनेमा प्रेमी Sinêmâ Prêmi says:

    wonder if there was a recurrence because the doctor didn't remove the sac

  • Docs and Hosps love to see med students come around.. they are so contentious, and most of the time are more thorough than the lic. phys.

  • i hate to see this doc handle a gun shot wound or a stabbing… a fucken pimple and that fool almost out of goz

  • I had a cyst removed from my back a few years ago and they tried to numb me before doing the surgery to remove the cyst and the numbing didn't work I was awake and felt every cut they made I now have an 8in scar on my back I had my face buried into my moms chest cussing the doctor the Dr cut me 8 inches across and it was 3 fingers deep to the second crease on your finger. so this guy I could tell felt a little bit when they put the scissors in but he was a champ props to you.

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