BE a BEATLE! Sing the missing vocal harmony: Please Please Me

19 thoughts on “BE a BEATLE! Sing the missing vocal harmony: Please Please Me”

  • This is a great idea! If your relatives, friends and bandmates can't be bothered to learn the vocal harmony parts, then Galeazzo will play the part of John, Paul and George for you to sing with! If you're not inspired to learn vocal harmony by this great resource, I don't know what will.

  • just wonderful and such a great to increase my enjoyment of Beatle music. How did you get your hands on the individual vocal tracks?

  • Hi there ¡ hola que tal y Saludos!!

    What a story about placing the stereo speakers on the floor and lying down in between them….. and I thought i was the only crazy one to do that!!!!
    I felt i was sitting with the music recording Engineer and came up with the ideas on how the mix was going to be done…
    With my guitar in hand i would learn all the first 4 albums of " The Rolling Stones "

    Of course it was because of John Lennon and HIS Very Famous Jet Glo Black Rickenbacker at first sight …."Im going to be a Guitar player….
    Some many years later im still playing but have added playing Bass as well just love my Epiphone Violin Bass with Roto Wound Strings and V pick….what a great sound

    Grazi and Chao

  • Happy to have you back. I do a few covers of various oldies as "keith1974". Wish I could sing as well as you though. Will be looking for more from you soon….despite copyright crap!

  • Great video! – are you planning on reuploading the I've just seen a face guitar video at some point?

  • Thank you for all you do, have what I can, I even use your techniques on my own music channel, thank you! Thank you!!

  • Hello, it's good to see you here again, the quality of all your videos are very good, keep going.I'm a bit confused about John / Paul's melody in the video. In the original song the melody that corresponds to Paul corresponds to John's, and the same goes for Paul.Do you have any specific reason why you put it that way?I would greatly appreciate your response.Greetings.

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