An Unwanted Visitor Has Arrived

After having HVAC repair in NYC, I noticed a weird smell coming from the vents in my home. First it was rather mild, but later it started to get strong and nasty. It was smelling like something had died in the vent. I sent a snake camera through the vent to look around and found a dead rat. The rat looked like it had been there for a few days, and it was horrifying. There is not telling what happened tot he rat to cause it to die in the first place. I don’t know if it crawled in the vent because it was dying, or because it was hiding and died in the process.

I was overlooking something even more shocking, and that was that I had a rat in my vent in the first place. I had never seen a rat anywhere in my home for as long as I’ve been there, and now one finally decided to show up. I was getting paranoid with each passing second, thinking that a rat would rush out from under the bed and start nibbling at my toes. The hair on my arms was standing on end and I had goosebumps.

I called an exterminator to look for more rats that might have been hiding out. He didn’t see any, but he did put down some materials that would keep the rats from entering my home. The idea of buying a cat came to mind, but then I thought about the cost of owning a cat. I would have to buy it food and pay for its vet bills. Then I would have to make sure that the cat didn’t get any fleas or other parasites, and prevent it from doing any damage to my home. One solution just creates more expensive problems.

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